HEEF Prepares to Recognize 15 Years of Giving and Receiving

HEEF 15 Year Anniversary logo

Fifteen years ago, on November 20, 2000 the Hopi Tribal Council set aside $10 million dollars for Education, thus marking the creation of the Hopie Education Endowment Fund (HEEF). Since that time, the fundraising organization has raised ad additional $12 million to increase the value of the fund to $22 million.

To mark its 15th year, the HEEF is gearing up for an event "Recognizing 15 years of Giving and Receiving" which will recognize the educational achievements of Hopi students with a Dinner and Silent Auction. On Friday October 23, friends and family of the HEEF will gather on the beautiful Arizona Statue University campus in the Carson Ballroom to enjoy an evening of student success stories, Hopi traditional Dace, and bidding on exquisite Hopi art. The HEEF's theme for the event centers around the title "Planting the Seed, Harvesting our Future" as the HEEF envisions students as seeds that are planted, to later develop into a full harvest that will benefit the Hopi community.

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