Thomas Reed - Univ. Of Cali. Santa Barbara, Ph.D - Electrical and Computer Engineering. Village of Hotevilla.

Alicia Gold - Utah State University, BS - Aviation Science. Village of Mishongnovi.

Anissa Jo Myron - University of New Mexico, BS - Elementary Education. Village of Moenkopi.

Darian Poleyestewa - Northland Pioneer College, AAS - Business Management. Village of Walpi.

Deandria Tom - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, BA - Cinema and Media Culture. Village of Bacavi.

Jose Acevedo - Arizona State University, MA - Landscape Architecture. Village of Sipaulovi.

Renetta Tenorio - Phoenix College, AAS - Forensic Technology. Village of Walpi.

Wendall Honanie Jr. - Northern Arizona University, BS - Public Management. Village of Mishongnovi.

Algernon Sakiestewa Jr. - Fort Lewis College, BA - Fine Arts. Village of Moenkopi.

Allen Anderson - Arizona State University, BS - Criminology & Criminal Justice. Village of Mishongnovi.

Alyssa Begay - University of Arizona, BA - Psychology. Village of Shungopavi.

Bret Thomas - Arizona State University, BA - Business Sustainability. Village of Kykotsmovi.



Carolyn Taylor - Phoenix College, AA - Fine Arts. Village of Kykotsmovi.

Charmayne Hardy - Dine College, AA - Social & Behavioral Sciences. Village of Moenkopi.

Clarence Cleveland Jr. - North Dakota St. College of Science, AAS - Nanoscience Technology. Village of Shungopavi.

Danielle Steele - Chandler Gilbert CC, AA - AGEC. Village of Hotevilla.

Debra Mata - Arizona State University, BS - Special & Elemementary Education. Village of Mishongnovi.

Joel Nicholas - University of Arizona, BA - Anthropology. Village of Shungopavi.

Lynette Figueroa - Mesa CC, AA - Nursing. Village of Mishongnovi.

Natalynne Rogers - Arizona State University, BS - Social Work. Village of Hotevilla.

Pearlyn Tomosie - University of North Dakota School of Medicine, M.D.  Family Physician. Village of Sichomovi.

Shane Honanie - University of Washington Bothell, BS - Computer Science & Software Engineering. Village of Moenkopi.

Terissa Josytewa - Central Arizona College, AAS - AEGC. Village of Shungopavi.