Application Opens:

April 15, 2019

Application Closes:

May 17, 2019

Applications must be received or postmarked by 5:00 PM.

Applications can be submitted to our office in-person, faxed to 928-734-2273, or emailed to

For any questions or more information, please email: OR call 928-724-2275.


2018 IMAGINE Grantees

Hopi Jr. Sr. High School

The Hopi Jr. Sr. High School  was funded a $5,000.00 IMAGINE grant   to implement the “Teaching the Teachers: Hopi Cultural and Language Preservation through Professional Development. 


Hopitutuqaiki – The Hopi School was funded at $6,324.00 IMAGINE grant to support a variety of garment making classes.  Classes were been offered throughout the Spring and into the Fall for students of all ages.

The Hopi Ancestral Lands Program

The Hopi Ancestral Lands (HAL) Program was awarded an IMAGINE grant of $ 5,000.00  to fund a crew to support a follow up mitigation project in partnership with the 1st Mesa Inaugural Clean Up event.   The crew worked  to address areas of high erosion risk from wind and rain at First Mesa.

The Hopi Food Coop

The Hopi Food Co-op was awarded a $3,628.00   IMAGINE grant that enabled them to offer a monthly series entitled “Garden Parties”.  These “parties provided hands-on training sessions on a variety of gardening techniques and skills.

Hopi Cancer Support Services

The Hopi Cancer Support Services received an IMAGINE grant of $4,250.00 to assist in the implementation of the annual “Men’s Night Out (MNO) event.  The 2018 event “Grow into Good Health through a Strong Foundation”.  The event  included information sessions, booths, speakers and entertainment all focused on early cancer detection, supportive services and  health information.