2017 Graduates

Amber Poleviyuma - Arizona State University, BS - Community Health. Village of Moencopi.

Arianna Moreno - Arizona State University, BS - Biomedical Engineering. Village of Moencopi.

Cante Riggle - Utah State University, AS - General Studies. Village of Moencopi.

Charlene Steele - Arizona State University, BS - Early Childhood Special Education. Village of Hotevilla.

Crystal Kaye - Arizona State University, BS - Information Technology. Village of Moencopi.

Dennis Murphy - University of New Mexico, BS - Civil Engineering. Village of Sichomovi.

Felina Cordova - University of Arizona, PhD - Public Health. Village of Hotevilla.

Jelani Huma - Central Arizona College, AS - Physical Therapy. Village of Sipaulovi.

Kara Lavendar - Northern Arizona University, BS - Social Work. Village of Sipaulovi.

Keisha Kootswatewa - Navajo Technical University, AS - Public Administration. Village of Tewa.

Kerri John - Northland Pioneer College, AAS - Medical Assisting. Village of Hotevilla.


Lucietta Wytewa - Phoenix College, BS - Early Childhood Education. Village of Bacavi.

Mariah Pahona-Charlie - Mesa Community College, AA - American Indian Studies. Village of Tewa.

Monique Martel - Northern Arizona University, BS - Exercise Science. Village of Hotevilla.

Patrice Shupla - Northland Pioneer College AGS - General Studies. Village of Mishongnovi.

Racheal Chappell - Weber State University, BS - Respiratory Therapy. Village of Moencopi.

Sella Pauling - Dixie State University, BS - Criminal Justice. Village of Tewa.

Tashuska Bowman - Mesa Community College, AGEC - General Education Curriculum. Village of Sichomovi.

Teresa Martza - Northern Arizona University, BS - Psychology. Village of Moencopi.

LeRoy Shingoitewa - University of Arizona, BS - Biology. Village of Moencopi.

Weldon Grover - Arizona State University, BA - Journalism. Village of Hotevilla.

Wendal Navenma - Northern Arizona University, BS - Anthropology. Village of Old Oraibi.